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 Xrite i1IO er sjálfvirkur litakortalesari sem vinnur með 1iPro 2 litrófsmælum.

Býður upp á sjálfvirkni við lestur litakorta of tryggir hámarks nákvæmni fyrir þá sem leitast eftir fullkomnun í litastýringum.




Automation for Color Perfectionists Automate your color workflow and extend the value of your i1Pro.

The i1iO is a robotic, automatic chart reading system that is designed to work with all i1Pro devices, whether an original or second generation spectrophotometer. It’s ideal for photographers, designers, and printers who want to speed up and automate the measurement process and eliminate manual strip reading! i1iO provides fast measurements for reflective test charts on various substrates up to 10 mm – from thin polybag material to ceramics and textiles. i1iO quickly creates a custom profile delivering consistent and reliable results, reducing measurement errors and increasing your productivity. i1iO is simple to operate and you’ll still maintain all the great versatile functionality provided by your i1Pro solution. A new level of automation for fast, accurate test chart reading for all Color Perfectionists! i1iO Color. Perfected. Product Features: i1iO Scan Table with Arm and Base Plate i1iO is a hands-free test chart reading device - simply plug in your i1Pro, align the test chart, and the scanning table does all the work. The 2nd generation i1iO is delivered with a newly designed footplate that accommodates both the original i1Pro and the new i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer. Measurements for reflective test charts on various substrates up to 10 mm - from thin polybag material to ceramics and textiles Reads more than 500 patches per minute*, so you'll have a custom profile in no time! Provides consistent and reliable results Increased productivity Lower level of operator skill required Reduced risk of measurement errors New i1iO foot plate ensures i1Pro device is correctly snapped in place for the most accurate measurements Owners of an original i1iO table can have the footplate retrofitted to accept both the original i1Pro and the i1Pro 2 by sending to a local X-Rite service center (for a fee). *with scanning mode in M0 measurement condition