ColorQuality Software

New! ColorQuality 6
ColorQuality is designed for ink manufacturers, printers and quality assurance labs to monitor and ensure the quality of colors. Provides trend and statistic quality information for each job. PANTONE and HKS digital color libraries are included. · Store all data for a job in a single place – including references, color standards, tolerances, measurement conditions and any other important order details.

Trend data, CIELab diagrams, spectral data and statistics, density values and metamerism can be printed in graphic or table form for easy analysis.
Practical search criteria help access new or existing color data, orders or customer information.
Available digital libraries: PANTONE® PLUS SERIES libraries (C, U), PANTONE® Goe™ System (C, U), PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® (C, U, M) for No-Filter, Pol-Filter, D65 and UVcut, and the HKS (E, K, N, Z) libraries.
Supports the latest generation of CxF (Color Exchange Format), the universal file format for color communication, for seamless digital color communication from design to production to printing.
Fully supports new XRGA standard.
Free demo version available to download from the support section.
Works hand-in-hand with X-Rite InkFormulation 6 using one-click switching between the two applications.
Product Packages
ColorQuality Pro - Standalone solution for local color quality

ColorQuality Online - A web-client solution for companies that allows their customers to access a centralized, easy to update database of color data via the Internet. Printers that do not wish to install local color quality capability can easily access color databases.